After wrapping up my marathon this spring, I’ve decided it’s time to run one different one this fall – and I’m aiming to beat my time!

Let me take you through what my summer season season marathon teaching routine will seem like, along with how I gasoline and get higher from that teaching.

As I highlight fueling and restoration routines, I’ve partnered with the Canadian Beverage Affiliation (CBA) to showcase the place of 100% juice in my meals routine for Juice Celebration Month. 100% juice is unimaginable gasoline and restoration for my workout routines due to the pure sugar content material materials (the quickest gasoline), electrolytes and the water content material materials – ​​further on that shortly.

Let me start by explaining the teaching routine:


My teaching will most likely be consisting of about 5 train days each week, with two leisure days. These workout routines will embody:

Weekly Prolonged Runs

The weekly prolonged runs are key to setting up endurance. I’ll most likely be doing them on Saturdays most weekends. These runs I take at a slower tempo, as I am working to assemble my distance once more up slowly. I will enhance the hole of these by no more than 10% per week.

Easy Restoration Runs
These runs I’ll most likely be doing about twice per week. The goal of these is to get my physique used to engaged on drained legs. They will be carried out after my prolonged runs and after a tempo train all by means of the week. They could additionally help tempo up my restoration from these runs.

Tempo ​​Work
Speedwork is certainly one of many important important parts of marathon teaching (together with endurance and vitality teaching, in any case). It can get you out of your comfort zone, forces you to run in a further atmosphere pleasant sort, teaches you restoration devices, and prepares you for the push of adrenaline you’ll experience on race day. If you always put together on the an identical tempo, you’ll’t anticipate to race one thing in any other case. Tempo ​​workout routines moreover help enhance your VO2 max, or how successfully your physique makes use of oxygen. The additional oxygen you’ll devour and use accurately all by means of your run, the longer you possibly can preserve a tempo.

I’ll most likely be doing about two courses of interval/speedwork all through marathon teaching.

Energy Teaching
Personally, that’s what I’ve to work on. Energy teaching wouldn’t come naturally to me. However, working faster requires stronger muscle tissues. Your legs, hips, and core all should be sturdy to propel you forward with further vitality in each step. I’m incorporating two vitality teaching courses per week by the use of motion pictures from Youtube or the Pelaton app. My need is to utilize physique weight vitality teaching workout routines or gentle weights.


Fueling precisely is equally as important as doing the proper teaching. Significantly inside the warmth, summer season season months, when your physique is working extra arduous by means of the workout routines.

I will do my easy runs fast, however I should have gasoline in my physique by means of the prolonged runs and tempo workout routines. I moreover convey gasoline with me all through my prolonged runs. The proper pre-run and during-run gasoline is 100% juice. Let me make clear why.

100% juice accommodates solely naturally occurring sugar from fruit. The sugar content material materials in a single 250 ml glass of orange juice is in regards to the an identical as two medium oranges. I wish to drink juice correct sooner than a long run vs. eat the whole fruit, because of I don’t want the fiber sooner than a run. Having fiber sooner than a run can decelerate the tempo that our physique can take or use the sugar for gasoline. An extreme quantity of fiber may lead to gastrointestinal cramps – which is not fascinating all through a long run.

Via the prolonged summer season season runs, I prefer to make a handmade electrolyte drink with 100% fruit juice. 100% fruit juice is an excellent provide of essential nutritional vitamins and phytonutrients. In actuality, those who drink 100% fruit juice have a larger prime quality meals routine than people who don’t! People who drink fruit juice have larger intakes of dietary nutritional vitamins A, C, folate and magnesium. The 100% fruit juice electrolyte drink will change the minerals misplaced in sweat and likewise current the hydration wished by means of the run.

My favorite handmade sports activities actions drink is underneath. Merely mix each half collectively and retailer inside the pitcher.

  • 2 cups of 100% juice (my need is Orange Juice)
  • 2 cups of chilly water
  • 2 lemons, juiced
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp magnesium citrate

Correct after my prolonged runs, it’s important to gasoline up inside a half hour – I usually make a smoothie after I get home with (you guessed it) 100% fruit juice, a banana and some protein powder. I will then have a full meal an hour or two later with carbohydrates, veggies and protein.

There you’ve got bought it – my summer season season train and fueling routine! Thanks as soon as extra to the Canadian Beverage Affiliation for working with me to convey you this put up. I hope this has provided some knowledge on how 100% fruit juice may very well be part of and enhance your nutritious weight loss program.

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